Frog Juice Aerosol 600ml
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Frog Juice Aerosol 600ml


Coating for inkjet prints on canvas
The UK made Frog Juice is a toned down version of the USA original. It gives a similar result but minus the strong smell. We still advise a well ventilated working area.

We advise a minimum of two coats. Always allow to dry fully, min 20 minutes between coats. Store and use at normal room temperature, around 20°C

Shake can well and spray product in a cross-hatch pattern. Always test first. Clean up with white spirit.

Which media:
Suitable for use with all matt canvas, cotton or polyester based, and for smooth matt papers. Not suitable for gloss / semi-gloss canvases, gloss inkjet papers or textured matt papers.

Safety Advice:
Frog Juice may be toxic if used incorrectly. Always work in a well-ventilated area. Please read all notices or instructions on the product before using and always test before using on customers art work.