Bresser USB Digital Microscope Dst-1028 5.1MP
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Bresser USB Digital Microscope Dst-1028 5.1MP


The USB digital microscope DST-1028 5.1 MP enables easy and convenient observation of your specimen on the computer with detailed images. The digital handheld microscope is especially suitable for examining material samples, circuit boards and electronic components, but also plants, insects and much more. In addition to applications in school and hobby, the digital microscope is also suitable for tasks in quality assurance.

The device features high-quality optics with continuous zoom. This enables documentation of the specimen between 10x and 280x magnifications. Depending on the object to be examined, the appropriate magnification can always be selected. With its ring light, the digital incident light microscope ensures optimal illumination and high-contrast images of your specimen. The ring light consists of eight LEDs. The brightness can be conveniently controlled with the dimmer, which is integrated in the USB connection cable.

The microscope has a stable, adaptable metal stand, which can be adjusted in height depending on the object height and magnification used. This makes it possible to examine both larger and very flat objects (e.g. printing documents).

At low magnifications, the working distance is 110 mm, so that working with tools, e.g. for preparation, is possible underneath. ?