Fuji FA LFP Metal Panel 7.9" x 11.8" (5 Pack)
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Fuji FA LFP Metal Panel 7.9" x 11.8" (5 Pack)

1.2 mm


Fine Art Metal Panel is an unique product which allows direct printing onto Aluminum with pigmented inks / aqueous printer.

Fine Art Metal Panel can be fed right throughmost Epson large format printers as the Aluminium panel has a thickness of only 1.2mm. The resulting print is of an amazing high quality / visual appearance, judged to give better detail and sharper resolution compared to dye sub aluminum prints.

To give your finished Fine Art Metal Panel an extra protection it is recommended to apply a film lamination which will also add depth to the print. By applying a different finish of film laminate (matte, satin, gloss etc) you decide your own finished look.

Fine Art Metal Panel printing does not require the investment of high costs Heat Press and Transfer Paper Printer, making high quality Aluminum printing accessible