Vodafone PAYG Nokia 3310 Retro Dark Grey

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A tribute to the original
The new 3310 may have seen a few design refinements, but it still resembles the original. It’s a little slimmer and the same height, and now has a 2MP camera on the back for quick photos if your smartphone is at home.

The one-month battery
The 3310 is perfect as a secondary phone to take camping or to festivals, or as your first handset - if you don’t have a need for the bells and whistles of modern smartphones.

And with a standby battery life of around 25 days, you’ll never be left without a means of communication.

Get ready to be addicted to Snake all over again. By using the 4 and 6 keys, you control how the snake moves, now able to travel diagonally across the screen. The aim of the game hasn’t changed, and it’s every bit as nostalgic as you would expect.