ID Station System
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ID Station System

c/w 12 Months Warranty
- Tablet with ID station software
- Sinfonia dye-sub printer
-USB Hub


ID station now comes with a new and ultra-fast CamFi controller
that will transfer any picture taken with your camera directly to your
ID station. It’s very fast and very reliable. A major enhancement for all needing or wanting to work wirelessly with their Canon or Nikon DSLR camera. Includes an AC adapter cable to charge internal battery and accessories to mount the controller to you Canon or Nikon camera.

ID station sinfonia photo printer, superior quality roll printer
Print size : 10x15 cm (4x6”)
Print speed : approx.1 0 seconds per print
Capacity : 300 prints per roll

Tablet + Frame
Acer Tablet Windows 10 + AC power supply 110-240V
10.6” touch screen display
Detachable keyboard with a regular USB 2.0 port
Tablet is fixed to a frame with adjustable viewing angle. The frame is mounted onto the printer with screws. On the rear side of the tablet there’s a USB hub with additional SD card reader and UTP internet adapter.
12 Months warranty on tablet.



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