Sony Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
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Sony Wireless Bluetooth Microphone


The Sony ECM-W2BT Wireless Bluetooth® Microphone captures crystal clear audio, regardless of the environment, while maintaining a strong and stable connection up to an impressive 200m. Diverse functionality with three different recording modes means this wireless camera mic is truly ready for anything, whether youre a professional or hobbyist. Webinars, interviews and sports commentary have never sounded so clear.

HIGH QUALITY SOUND: This Wireless Bluetooth® Microphone is packed with features and functions to limit unwanted noise, which ensures clear and crisp audio quality.
WIRELESS: Stable communication transmission between camera microphone and receiver, even in the presence of large groups of people with multiple radio waves. Connection possible up to an impressive 200m.
FLEXIBLE: This Bluetooth® mic is ready for anything with three modes of sound pick-up to choose from, depending on your environment. "Mic only" for one-way comms (e.g. webinar), "Mix" for two-way comms (e.g. interviews), and "RCVR" for receiver only comms (e.g. commentary over sports).
PORTABLE: Compact and lightweight, along with a dust and moisture resistant design and long battery life, means this wireless mic is truly portable and great for outdoor use. Windscreen and connector protector holder are supplied.