K&F Mount Converter Canon-EOS to Sony-E (AF)
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K&F Mount Converter Canon-EOS to Sony-E (AF)


• Ultra-fast focus speed, AF auto focus, providing fast and accurate detection of focus direction and target

• Ultra-strong compatibility. For E mount full frame and APS-C format camera, you can transfer EOS lens group to your Sony body, and let you shoot more beautiful works through new combinations

• Gold-plated electronic contacts. Using high-precision injection molding technology to ensure efficient signal transmission and corrosion resistance, allowing cameras and lenses to maintain reliable communication, auto focus, aperture control, EXIF information transmission, lens anti-shake and other functions

• Support body aperture adjustment. The body can be adjusted to control the lens aperture, the use of convenience is greatly improved; the inner wall is matt treatment, the extinction effect is better, and the stray light reflection can be preferentially prevented.

• The lens locks the latch and locks the lens to prevent the lens from loosening. Pressing the lens release lever disconnects the camera from power and prevents damage to the circuit when the lens is attached and removed. Equipped with tripod quick equipment, it can be directly mounted on the tripod and fixed on the tripod, and the bottom is designed with 1/4 screw hole, which can be directly installed with quick release plate, which is more versatile;