Miops Smart Universal Camera Trigger

Miops Smart Universal Camera Trigger

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MIOPS Smart Trigger is a camera and flash trigger combined in a single unit. It has the capability of detecting light, sound and laser events to trigger your equipment at the perfect moment to take a great picture. On top of that, it offers advanced intervalometer and cable release modes to take timelapse, HDR and timer controlled photos. MIOPS Smart can be used as a standalone device, but the true power is released when the dedicated smartphone app gets in action.

MIOPS Smart Trigger has Bluetooth 4.0 capability and it can communicate with your smartphone easily. This not just provides super easy use, but it also saves you from a lot of hassle. You don't need to walk to your camera each time to make change, you can do that remotely. Think about how convenient this can be if your camera is outside in a cold weather. The rechargeable battery and the compact size of MIOPSSmart makes it a perfect fit into your camera bag.

MIOPS Smart has seven different modes that can be selected from the trigger. In addition, there are four camera release modes that are available using the smartphone app.

The Lightning mode can be selected to trigger the camera to capture lightning shots. When the lightning strikes, MIOPS Smart detects it and triggers the camera before it is too late. It would be too late for sure if you had tried to do this manually. You can change the sensitivity to decide what kind of lightning you want to capture.

The Sound mode turns your equipment into high speed photography equipment. Using the "dark room, open shutter, trigger the flash" trick, you can freeze the moment to take the picture of a bullet flying through an apple.

The Laser mode is designed to take pictures whenever the laser beam is broken. You can find several uses of this mode. You can take pictures of birds, animals, water drops etc. It requires an external laser to be pointed to MIOPS Smart, but the good thing is that you can use any type of laser.

The Timelapse mode helps you to take timelapse pictures with great flexibility. You can decide the interval, exposure and frame number to fully automate the process of taking timelapse pictures.

The HDR mode offers you to take pictures with dynamic range if your camera does not offer this feature. You can decide how many stops you want to go from the center exposure and MIOPS Smart will trigger your camera according to that exposure taking the advantage of the bulb mode.

The Scenario mode is the most exciting mode of MIOPS Smart. Imagine that you can combine all of the available modes to create the mode you have in your mind. Once you create your custom scenario, you can send it to MIOPS Smart with the smartphone app and MIOPS Smart will start to run it whenever you want. It is just that easy.

The advanced cable release modes offer different ways to control the shutter of your camera. You can open the shutter with a single touch, or keep it open as long as you keep touching the screen. You can even keep it open for a certain time just by your choice.

MIOPS Smart is always open to new features as you can upgrade the firmware with a USB connection. This makes it a powerful platform which is always open to new opportunities."